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Compliance Form 1095-A
Validation Checks by

Form Version Accuracy
Ensures the use of the most current version of Form 1095-A, incorporating the latest updates and guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
Complete Field Verification
Automatically detects and alerts if any required fields are left blank, ensuring no essential information is missing from the form.
Policy Number Validation
Confirms the correct format and accuracy of the policy number, crucial for linking the form to the correct health insurance policy.
Name and Social Security Number (SSN) Consistency
Ensures that the name on the form matches the SSN provided, a critical step for accurate policyholder identification.
Coverage Period Checks
Verifies that the coverage start and end dates are accurately reported, reflecting the actual period of insurance coverage.
Premium Amount Verification
Confirms that the total amount of premiums reported aligns with the records from the health insurance provider, ensuring accurate financial reporting.
Tax Credit Eligibility Confirmation
Validates eligibility and the amount of the advance payment of the premium tax credit, crucial for correct tax benefit claims.
Exemption Claims Verification
Verifies valid claims for exemptions based on the type of coverage or other qualifying criteria set by health insurance regulations.
Signature and Date Validation
Ensures that the form is signed and dated, validating the filer's acknowledgment and certification of the information provided.
Cross-Field Consistency Analysis
Performs logical cross-checks within the form to ensure all related information, such as SSN and premium amounts, are consistent.

Common Mistakes in Completing Form 1095-A

Providing a Social Security Number (SSN) that is incorrectly formatted (e.g., wrong number of digits or structure). Using an SSN that does not match the Social Security Administration records for the name listed on the form, leading to mismatches and processing delays.

Failing to use the legal name as it appears in Social Security Administration records, especially for policyholders or dependents with name changes that have not been updated. For policies covering multiple individuals, not listing the name of the person whose SSN is provided.

Reporting more than one type of coverage or the wrong coverage type for the policyholder’s actual insurance. Misunderstanding coverage periods, leading to incorrect reporting of the start or end dates.

Claiming incorrect premium amounts, often due to misunderstanding the amounts covered by subsidies versus actual out-of-pocket expenses. Incorrectly reporting monthly premiums, which can affect tax credit calculations.

Neglecting to provide details about essential health benefits covered, which is crucial for determining eligibility for certain tax credits. Overlooking required additional documentation for specialized or supplementary coverage, leading to incomplete or non-compliant submissions.

Submitting the form without the necessary signature, which certifies the accuracy of the information and compliance with healthcare reporting requirements. Forgetting to date the signature, which is important for validating the timeliness and relevance of the form’s information.

Providing outdated or incorrect address details, which can cause issues with correspondence and benefit statements. Not updating the form when there are significant changes to contact information or family status.

Misclassifying the type of insurance (e.g., individual vs. family plan) which affects coverage details and premium tax credits. Sole policyholders not properly identifying dependent coverage alongside their own.

Not resubmitting the form when there are changes in coverage, such as a new policy number or insurance provider. Failing to notify the Marketplace of changes in eligibility for premium tax credits, which can lead to incorrect subsidy applications.
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Fill out Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement with

Worried about filling PDFs wrong? Instafill securely fills 1095-a forms, ensuring each field is accurate.